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Choosing a proper belt fastener is the first step in mechanically splicing conveyor belt.
Here are several types for you to choose from. 
They are widely used in splicing PVC belt, rubber belt, felt belt.

Welded Hook Fasteners
MRS Staple Fasteners

We have the products you want, when you need them with a competitive price and timely delivery.

Including plastic and metal bucket, also offering bolts, elevating belts etc.

We have been exporting to different countries around the world for years.

D Type Plastic Buckets
Deep Bottom Steel Bucket
A timing belt is a non-slipping mechanical drive belt.
Deahero supplies a variety of timing belts. Which include rubber and polyurethane (PU).
Select from the categories on the right to help narrow your choices and find one that is appropriate for your application.
Rubber Timing Belt
Seamless PU Belt

Sieve cleaning bounce balls are used in round vibrating sieve and rectangular vibration screen. It aims to improve the sieving effect.

Available material: rubber, silicon, polyurethane (PU)

Diameter: 16 mm to 50 mm

Sieve Cleaning Bounce Ball

Treadmill Running Belt, open or splicing, a variety of pattern.
Teflon Mesh Belt, Kevlar or fiberglass cord, various aperture.
Printing Machina Guide Belt,made of PU and tensile cord of polyester or Kevlar.
PU Round Belts, smooth or rough, diameter from 2mm to 20 mm.

Teflon Mesh Belt
Printing Machine Conveyor Belt

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